Alana Dawson '17

Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown:Coshocton, OH

My ultimate career goal is to become a civil engineer for an engineering firm that will allow me to travel. I want to travel the world, and engineers have many opportunities for this.

Student Accident and Sickness Reimbursement Plan

Because Mount Union has always been concerned with the promotion of good health for its students, the University has adopted a Student Accident and Sickness Reimbursement Plan.

The Plan is provided as part of the general fees paid by full-time undergraduate students. Every full-time undergraduate student registered during the academic year is automatically covered. Students must utilize the services of the Health Center whenever possible. When treatment is beyond the capacity of the Health Center, students will be referred elsewhere. Brochures explaining benefits and information about the services of the Health Center are mailed to students prior to the beginning of each academic year and to new students as they enter the college. Claim forms and details can be obtained from the Health Center.

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