Dr. Susan Haddox

Teaching Area(s): Philosophy/Religious Studies

I like to bring music and art into the classroom when possible to help students think about interpreting texts. In some of my classes I also use film. 

Testimonials from Religious Studies Majors

“Studying Religious Studies at Mount Union gives you a chance to learn about many diverse religions and cultures. The classes offered are very interesting and they give you a chance to experience things you wouldn't otherwise experience. Through religious site visits, class projects and in class discussions, the faculty really challenges you to think in new ways and understand the ideas and perspectives of different cultures.”
-Erin McKinney

"Religious Studies is so much more than studying people's faith and beliefs.  You get to learn the inner-workings of different societies and cultures that you can compare to your own world.  Even if you aren't a religious person, there is so much interesting information to take from the courses offered here at Mount Union. This is most definitely a field that will open your mind to new possibilities and ways of thinking."
-Vinny Caruso

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