Jordan Kramer '18

Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown:Mentor, Ohio

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Robert Roche- 2005

Robert Roche of the American Indian Education Center came to Mount to help recognize Native American Heritage Month.

On November 15, 2005 our office recognized Native American Heritage Month by bringing Mr. Robert Roche of the American Indian Education Center out of Cleveland, Ohio to speak. Mr. Roche showed a video and talked about Chief Wahoo and the different stereotypes and struggles surrounding Native Americans currently.

Additionally he thoroughly informed our community on some of the practices that has been exercised to eliminate Indian mascots from professional sports since their caricatures tend to degrade and humiliate Native Americans and create distorted and inaccurate portrayals of their race. Thus his visit helped enlighten our students on some of the dangers and politics that has devastated Native Americans and will continue to damage their image, whereby at the same time negatively affecting the mindset of millions of people around the world.

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