Roommate Bill of Rights


 This document is intended to serve as a format for an agreement between roommates to ensure that each individual's rights are respected. Your level of enjoyment and satisfaction from residence hall living will depend to a large extent on the thoughtful consideration you demonstrate for one another. As roommates, all of you should mutually determine the decisions and the stipulations of behavioral contract and endorse it. Your CE or PA is available if additional assistance is needed.

The basic rights of a roommate include

  • The right to study free from undue interference (noise, stereo, guests, etc.) in one's room.
  • The right to sleep without undue disturbance from guests, roommates, etc.
  • The right to expect that roommates will respect one another's personal belongings.
  • The right to a clean environment in which to live.
  • The right to free access to one's room and facilities without pressure from roommates.
  • The right to personal privacy.
  • The right to host guests at agreed upon times, and with the expectation that the guests are to respect the rights of the host's roommate(s) and other hall residents.
  • The right to expect reasonable cooperation in the use of the telephone.
  • The right to expect that any and all disagreements will be discussed in an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect; and that it is acceptable, when any roommate feels it necessary, to involve a residence hall staff member in such discussion.

Roommate Agreement

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