Commuter Students

The University of Mount Union has a 2-year residency requirement, however, if you live within 45 driving miles, you may choose to commute from your parents’ home address.  Additionally, after you’ve attended for 4 semesters or have completed 60 credit hours to earn junior status, you may choose to live off campus locally, as well.

Although you may not live on campus, we hope that you will make efforts to make the University feel like home.  We have a number of resources that are geared toward commuters: 

Commuter House 

Located at 552 Vincent St. Alliance, Ohio

In 2016, the University of Mount Union opened a commuter house located near the Hoover-Price Campus Center. The purpose is to provide a comfortable environment for students to meet up with classmates, finish homework, or just hang out. The house has a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and microwave available for student use, a living room with comfortable seating and a television on campus cable, and study spaces where students can be connected to University wifi. To gain access to this space, please contact Deb Edwards, Manager of Campus Card and Facility Scheduling, at 330-823-2881 or

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Commuter Student Association

John Frazier, campus advisor

Open to all interested students, the Commuter Student Association exists to reflect and represent the University the problems, needs, and attitudes of commuting students; promote programs and activities designed to serve and benefit commuting students; act as an information agency for those who live off campus.


Commuters & students living off campus, as well as those returning students residing in campus townhouses/apartments and fraternity/sorority housing, can choose one of the following block plans or any of the full-service plans, if they desire to have a meal plan.  Additional blocks can be purchased at any point during the semester:

  • Any Block 50 – Any 50 meals during the semester.  Cost per plan is $400.
  • Breakfast/Lunch Block 50 – 50 breakfast/lunch meals during the semester.  Cost per plan is $325.
  • Any Block 25 – Any 25 meals during the semester plus $100 dining dollars.  Cost per plan is $400.


While it may seem counter-intuitive for commuter or off-campus students to log into a program called MyHousing, there are a couple of times a year when it is absolutely necessary.

  • When first enrolling at Mount Union, we want all New Students to indicate, through MyHousing whether or not they are planning to live on campus or commute.  You can do this by logging into and completing an application, either the one requesting housing or the one indicating that you are going to commute.  This allows us to collect your emergency contact information and helps the housing office know for sure that you won’t need housing. 
  • Also, in the Spring semester, all students are asked to either sign up for the room lottery to be able to select a room on campus, or indicate that you are not planning to participate in the room lottery and then you can indicate the reason why.


Parking on campus is a privilege, assuming that you follow the published guidelines.

There is no fee for registering vehicles. Vehicles must be registered at Campus Security or on iRaider under Forms then Vehicles

  • All vehicles must be registered at Campus Security or on iRaider under Forms then Vehicles. There is no fee for registering a vehicle.
  • Parking lots are designated to be faculty/staff; graduate student; commuter student; or residential student.
    • The parking map is available online hereCommuter lots are designated in red on the campus map.
  • If you would receive a ticket and you’re parked where you are supposed to be, you can appeal that ticket.
  • If your car was registered last year, and nothing has changed regarding either your car (new car or license plate) or your designation (graduate, commuter or residential student) and you still have your hanging tag in your car, you do not need to re-register your car – just continue to display your permit.
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