Spiritual Life


Mount Union has a chaplain who ministers to the spiritual needs of the academic community. The chaplain serves as spiritual advisor to students, faculty, and administration.

The chaplain is responsible for providing and supervising all aspects of spiritual life on campus, which include: community worship and prayer; advising and coordinating the activities of student religious groups; encouraging student involvement in the worship and community life of churches in the Alliance area; developing and participating in local, regional and national student religious conferences and retreats; as well as planning and coordinating mission/work trips for students, faculty, and administrators.

To contact the Office of the Chaplain, call (330) 823-2838 or email chapel@mountunion.edu.


Rev. Kyle Woodrow will be joining us on campus after Fall Break as Mount Union's University Chaplain. 

Kyle is an ordained minister in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in Cape Town as well as a business consultant for Expand into Africa in Angola.  He has had an active teaching and preaching ministry in Africa for nearly 10 years where he has coordinated international mission teams, convened the district school of vocation and worked in community development projects.  As a minister, he led his congregations in their witness and outreach to the community, working in culturally and ethnically diverse settings to create authentic and transformative faith experiences. Prior to that, he served as an associate minister at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church in Arizona where he created alternative multi-media style worship services and developed younger adult ministries, activities, and connections.

Kyle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas in 1999, and a master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey in 2003 and was an Engle Institute Preaching Fellow in 2006.

Kyle offers the following thoughts about coming to Mount Union and his role as chaplain:

After nearly 10 years serving in the Southern African context, I am eager to bring my experiences and my passion for people and ministry to the University of Mount Union.

Everything for me begins and ends with relationships.  As a minister, I see that my primary task is one of discipleship – to know God more fully and to make God known through a shared journey of faith.  As university chaplain, I see my role as being one who helps to nurture and shape the spiritual life of the University and the community in which we live. Sometimes that is with the faith we have and, at other times, it is with the faith we can only discover along the way.

Of course, neither of these things are done by me alone, but rather things that happen best when we can “do life together,” sharing in one another’s trials and tribulations as much as we would share in our triumphs and joys.

As the African word “Ubuntu” suggests, “I am because you are.”  In the context of our faith, we are because God is the One who is, was, and will be and who calls us into community to share and shape a life of purpose, hope, and love not only for ourselves but for the world.

I am excited to be joining the Mount Union family, and I look forward to sharing and shaping ministry with everyone as we discover together the greater mysteries and incredible possibilities that such a shared journey can bring.

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