The tutoring program provides additional assistance for a number of courses each semester. The tutoring staff is composed of students who have successfully completed their respective courses and have completed a comprehensive training program. Tutoring sessions occur on a weekly basis beginning in Week 2 and continuing through final exams.  Any struggling student may visit a tutoring session for their course without scheduling a prior appointment, and the sessions are at no additional cost to students. There is potential for students to receive individual attention from the tutors, however, it is completely dependent upon the total number of visitors to that particular session. Students may arrive as early as they would like and stay until the session concludes.

If a particular course is not already on the weekly schedule, students or faculty may request assistance by e-mailing the Office of Academic Support at academicsupport@mountunion.edu. Other questions or concerns about the program can be addressed through the e-mail provided or through an individual meeting with the Director of Academic Support.

See the current semester tutoring schedule, click here

Meet the tutoring staff, visit our iRaider page.

Review the qualifications and complete an application to join the tutoring staff, click here.


Important dates to remember:

  • Tutoring begins on the Tuesday of Week 2 each semester
  • Tutoring ends on the last day of classes in each semester
  • Final Exam Reviews will occur for the majority of courses that receive weekly tutoring; this schedule will be emailed to all students and faculty in the week prior to Final Exams.
  • Tutoring does NOT occur on the following days each year:
    • the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights of Fall Break
    • the Tuesday and Wednesday nights immediately prior to the Thanksgiving holiday
    • the Sunday night immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday
    • All nights during the Spring Recess period; tutoring will resume again on the Monday night after Spring Recess
    • the Thursday night immediately prior to the Good Friday holiday
    • Tutoring DOES occur on Scholar Day, and begins at its regularly scheduled, nightly time

Are you looking for a tutor for your non-college student?
Please contact Traci McGary from the University of Mount Union Education Department at 330-829-8212 to explore available options.

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