Sabrina Salupo '18

Major: Athletic Training
Hometown: Parma Heights, Ohio

Minor: Biology and Exercise Science

Delta Sigma Tau Sorority, Athletic training club, Association of pre-physician assistant students, committee for Up ‘til dawn, Iota Tau Alpha (athletic training), Beta Beta Beta (biology), Alpha Lambda Delta 

Future Physician Assistant

Why Mount Union
I heard about Mount Union from one of my teachers through my medical program in high school. She talked highly about Mount Union and recommended it for its athletic training program. I ultimately choose to go to Mount Union because of the athletic training program and because of the campus atmosphere.

Second Home
I love the student involvement on campus. Most people are involved in multiple clubs and organizations, and it always amazes me to see the campus and community come together. My professors and fellow students make Mount Union my second home and helped made my transition into college more comfortably. Being able to connect with other students who share similar interests or having causal conversations with your professors about the course or life and knowing that they know who you are and are there to help you with your future aspirations makes me feel more connected to my school.

The Mount Union Difference
Mount Union is a small campus and has an appealing atmosphere. The campus community is always friendly and welcoming to everyone. Mount’s smaller campus and class sizes mean my professors know me by name and are more than willing to help when needed. Mount also offers numerous organizations and ways to be involved and active. Because of this, I am super involved and I absolutely love it because I am making a mark on my campus, my life, and the community.

Why Athletic Training
I choose athletic training as my major because I wanted to be involved with sports injuries and helping athletes get better and stay better. I wanted to continue with this major and work with professional sports one day, but my career path has changed. I still plan to become an athletic trainer, but I also want to go to physician assistant school to become an orthopedic PA.

A Liberal Arts Education
The liberal arts focus allows you to be more exposed to courses you wouldn’t normally take through your major. This has allowed me to grow as a writer and presenter, and now I am more comfortable in front of people. This will allow me to be more comforable when presenting in front of co-workers and other professionals.

Future Physician Assistant
My plan is to hopefully become a physician assistant, and Mount Union is allowing me to take all the pre-recs required to apply. This has given me multiple opportunities to be involved within the Alliance community. I have accomplished multiple things on campus as well, which will allow me to be a better applicant when applying to graduate schools. It also helps that Mount Union is the number one PA school in the nation as of this year!

Mount’s smaller campus and class sizes mean my professors know me by name and are more than willing to help when needed.

Fun Facts

What is your favorite holiday, and why?
Halloween and because I love all the candy and movie marathons (13 nights of Halloween)
What did you want to be when you grew up as a kid
I wanted to be a physical therapist
Where is your favorite travel destination
What is your favorite app?
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