Sarah Heilman '16

Major: Sport Business
Job Title: Account Executive

Minor: Economics

Employer: Monumental Sports and Entertainment

I connect fans and businesses to unforgettable experiences and opportunities with the Washington Wizards, Capitals, Mystic and Verizon Center events through membership, VIP packages and suite sales.


My College Search
A friend and co-worker attended Mount and spoke very highly of it, convincing me to add it to my college search. The combination of the gorgeous campus, the well-known and respected sport business program and the opportunity to continue playing tennis made my decision to attend Mount Union extremely easy.

A Place Like Home
As much as I enjoy my breaks, I am always looking forward to coming right back to Mount. It is easy to find your second home here; whether it is in athletics, the Greek community or a club. Everyone I know on campus is in love with Mount Union and what they do here, making it a positive environment every day. The MAAC is my favorite place on campus, and I spend a majority of my time there as a sport business major and student athlete. The Field House is my favorite part because I can play tennis any time of year. 

A Close-knit Campus
Mount Union’s size is great because faculty members know who you are and are willing to help. You can stand out in the classroom and on campus. Most importantly, it is easy to make friends and lifelong connections.

Preparing for Success
I get daily emails informing me about available internships or job opportunities in my field from the Department of Sport Business. My professors have given me guidance to get ahead of the game. Mount Union has also provided many leadership opportunities on campus that I have taken advantage of, preparing me to be a leader in the future. I enjoy gaining realistic experience for my future career while becoming a well-rounded individual. Also, with general education courses being part of our curriculum, you get to spend time with students in different majors who you may have never met otherwise.

Sport Business
I worked in sports in my community and had an interest in business throughout high school, but I never knew I could make a career out of them until I visited Mount Union. I attended a presentation about the sport business major out of pure curiosity during open house. I was instantly hooked from then on and my love for my major has continued to grow ever since.

Hands-on Experience
I attended the Robert-Morris Conference this past fall, which provided countless networking opportunities and contacts in the sport world. I learned a lot and opened many doors for my future by attending. I helped set up and direct different aspects of the Eastern Ohio Hunting and Fishing Expo this summer. I was in charge of arranging the campgrounds and directed spectators, performers and traffic entering the event. I gained a lot of experience in safety and security, event planning and problem solving. I surprised myself at how personable and resourceful I could be. I was unsure what responsibilities I would have going into this event, but I kept my cool and had fun even in times of stress.

Favorite Class
My favorite class so far has been Sport Analytics & Research. I learned how to operate an exclusive database used in the sport industry and how to determine successful sponsorship ideas, allowing me to use my creative side and have fun.

Favorite Professor
That’s easy: Dr. Braa. She is my advisor, and is always encouraging me and believing in me. She has recommended me for countless career building opportunities and has helped me get noticed by professionals in the industry. Her classes are always entertaining and worthwhile. She serves as an incredible role model for me as a successful, strong woman in the sport business world.

Future Goals
I would like to continue growing my experience in sales and leadership and eventually would love to be a Director of Sales for a professional sports team. I have a feeling with the industry I am going into opportunities will come up and plans will change, but this excites me. However, ultimately I want to be a professor of sport business after I gain adequate experience, like my professors have done for me.

I would like to continue growing my experience in sales and leadership and eventually would love to be a Director of Sales for a professional sports team.

To The Top!