SCE's with Links to Abstracts

Mount Union Students Senior Culminating Experience Research Projects with support from the Nature Center are listed below.

Click on the student name to access the abstract for each project. In order to view the abstract you must have Adobe Reader.  If you do not have Reader you may download by clicking on the Adobe logo below.



Douglas Jenison Litter Araneae as a Function of Varying Amounts of Deciduous Litterfall

Thomas Bauer Nitrogen Mineralization Under Differing Amounts and Types of Litter Fall

Molly Mehling The Relationship Between Soil Nitrogen and Organic Matter and Vegetative Cover in a Northeastern Ohio Wetland

Tonia White The Effect of Litter Addition and Removal on CO2 Efflux in a Forested Ecosystem


Keisha Carter Effect of Leaf Position on Photosynthetic Response to Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in Phaseolus vulgaris

Sarah Mellinger The Genetic Diversity of maple Trees at the Huston-BrumbaughNatureCenter, as Determined by RAPD Analysis

Nicole Paktinat Genetic Analysis of the Host- Microbial Relationship Between Agrobacterium tumefaciens and Moss

Randy Allison The Effects of an Additional Carbohydrate, Glucose, on the Exocellulase and Endocellulase Activities of the Microbial Community Inhabiting Fresh and Decomposed Red Maple Wood

Stacey Lane The Effects of Carbohydrate Amendments on the Rate of Soil Respiration


Michael Greiner Effect of Fertilizer, Nurse Crops and Seedling Density on Composition and Productivity of Wildflower Meadows Using a Commercial Seed Source

Maureen March A Study of Macroinvertebrate Communities in ReachSix of Huff Run to Determine Water Quality

Ashley Nussbaum The Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis in Upland and Wetland Populations of Rhamnus Frangula

Rebecca Shreffler Biological Inventory of Species Found within the ZoarLake Wildlife Sanctuary, Zoar, Ohio

Natalie Ricio Biodiversity of Zooplankton in Rural and Urban Ponds

Adam Zorn Comparison of Decay of Red Maple (Acer rubrum L.) and Red Pine (Pinus resinosa Ait.) Boles After Eleven Years in a CentralMassachusettsForest


Derrick Leach Nitrogen Mineralization in Forested Soils Along an Elevational Gradient in Southwestern Virginia

Brenda Lee

Bryan Less The Comparison of Density and Nitrogen ContentThroughout the Decomposition of Red Maples

Matthew Painting Photosynthetic Light Use Efficiency in Response to Nitrate Availability in Zea Mays

Rachael Watson The Effect of Pesticides on Earthworms and Soil Microbes


Ken McLeod Temperature Acclimation of Zea mays L., a Type of C4 Plant For Optimal Photosynthesis

Frank Morocco Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Nitrate and Phosphate in Agriculture and Forest Soils in Southeastern Stark County



Dara Ford The Impact of Location on Photosynthesis of Norway Maples

Laura Fudella Exploitation of Carbon Dioxide and Photosynthetically Active Radiation by Erythronium americanum, Trillium grandiflorum, and  Smilacina racemosa

Kate Lloyd Temperature Effects on Earthworm, Lumbricus terrestris, Responses to Pesticide Copper Sulfate

Alexis K. Mohney The Effects of the Invasive Species Japanese Knotweed, Polygonum cuspidatum on the Diversity of Riparian Plant Communities in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Ashley Nagel Associative Learning in Native Ohio Feeder Birds

Amy Watt Effects of Nutrient and Temperature changes on Toxicity of Copper Sulfate to Duckweed (Lemna minor)

L. J. White Macroinvertebrates as Indicator Species of Water Quality in the Huff Run Watershed



Brittany Bode Characterization of Bacterial Community Found in Linden Bioremediation Site of Huff Run

Megan Casey The Study of Microbial Communities at Huff Run

Nicole Geiger Analysis of Wood Decomposition Based on the Decay of Pinus Resinosa and Acer rubrum

Michael Shull Habits and Distribution of Bluegills in the Nature Center Pond



Alan Duignan The Contribution of the Alliance Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Mahoning River and Beech Creek to Coliform Concentrations in Upper Berlin Reservoir

Kevin J. Burls Landscape Position Influences the Distribution of Garlic Mustard, An Invasive Plant

Kristy Palmeri The Effects of Fish Density on NO3- Concentration in Aquaria

Mark Rogers The Effects of Canada Geese Congregations on the Water Quality of Lake Mohawk

Jessica Wildey Indoor (Bracy Hall) and Outdoor Air Analysis of Fine Particulate Matter 

Steve Palte Phosphate Dynamics in the Upper Mahoning River at Ten Sites

Valerie Locker Restoration of Bluegill Growth in Nature Center Pond: A Biomanipulation Approach



Kelly Neale Using Real-time qPCR to track B. dendrobatidis presence in aquatic environments over time.

Brandon Stokey Study of growth condition of bluegill populations in local water bodies

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