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Second Year Written and Oral Communication (WOC) Portfolio

You will submit the Second Year WOC portfolio at the end of your second year at Mount Union after having taken the First Year Seminar and your Foundations courses.  This portfolio will be used as a mid-career checkpoint regarding your development as a writer and speaker.  The portfolio will be electronic and will consist of materials that you will select from the many assignments you’ve completed in the Integrative Core up to that point.

Students will use Brightspace’s ePortfolio system to create and submit WOC Portfolios. 

Information is provided to students through an Info Session, which is held multiple times near the beginning of each semester. Click here to see the Spring 2015 schedule. More information is also provided in an FAQ

Portfolio Contents will include:

  • Two pieces of written communication (at least one that uses sources)
  • Two pieces of oral communication that may or may not use multimedia (at least one that uses sources).  These pieces will be captured on video and submitted as such. (No more than two pieces in the portfolio may come from the same class.)
  • A cover letter that contextualizes the submitted pieces and points out the strengths of your development in written and oral communication.
  • Statement of Authenticity, confirming that the work submitted is the student’s work.

  • Completed Consent Form, which gives students the opportunity to allow the university to use their work as examples for other students, faculty and other professors.

You will receive one of the following outcomes:

If you earn a high passing or passing score, you will have completed your Second Year WOC Portfolio requirement and will continue to develop your WOC abilities in Themes, major courses and electives and then the Capstone. 

If you do not receive a high passing or passing score, you will have two options.  You can either revise your portfolio and resubmit it the following semester for evaluation or successfully complete a course or courses to revise your portfolio.

WOC Rubrics
The WOC Rubrics will be used to determine student scores on the Second Year WOC Portfolio. Students should pay attention to Level 2—that is the expectation for minimum proficiency at the end of the sophomore year.

WOC Portfolio Student Support

For students, building and submitting a Second-Year WOC Portfolio can be a complicated process. So, there is an entire support network for students who need help with and have questions about any part of the process.

DWOC Studio Consultants
These students are available to help students develop and revise their WOC assignments, both while they are taking IC courses and after, if they feel the need to revise their assignments before submitting them to the WOC Portfolio. Students can make appointments online through the Mount Union Website: Academics -> Academic Services -> The Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio ( The DWOC Studio is located on the first floor of KHIC, beside the library circulation desk, and is open: M-TH 9 a.m. -10 p.m.; F 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Sun. 6-10 p.m.

IT HelpDesk
These students are available to assist students with technology-related issues connected to the WOC Portfolio, Brightspace and ePortfolio. The IT HelpDesk is located in the KHIC Learning Commons area on the first floor. Students can stop in or call 330.823.4357.

The WOC Director
This person is the “go-to” person for general questions about the WOC Portfolio, the requirements, the process, procedures and rules. The WOC Director is available via email at:

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