Self Image Seminar Held at Mount Union

November 23, 2009

Encouraging women to embrace inner beauty was the goal of “More thLisa Perkoan Skin Deep,” a self image seminar held November 18 in Campus Grounds.

Senior health major Lisa Perko from Newbury, OH spoke about the prevalence of eating disorders and body image distortions in the U.S.  She shared video clips that discussed how Photoshop, a professional image editing software, is used in magazines and advertising, pointing out that no image goes to print unedited.

“The media largely shapes our views of what it means to be beautiful, and its unrealistic,” said Perko.

Dr. Canfield-Simbro, assistant professor of human performance and sport business and co-director of the honors program, gave a presentation on the social aspects of eating disorders and how students can work to overcome them.

The evening presented a variety of statistics and facts about the dangers of eating disorders. An estimated 10 percent of women in the U.S suffer from a diagnosed eating disorder and most of those women fall between the ages of 12 and 25.  In the U.S., women start to diet as young eight years old, and continue their whole lives in an effort to be thin and match the body type of models on magazine covers.

The event also incorporated a mission called “Operation Beautiful.” The mission is to end “fat talk” among women by posting sticky notes with encouraging phrases on them. Many post-it notes had been placed around campus prior to the event hoping to raise awareness and encourage women to recognize that they are beautiful.

The night concluded with a promise of encouragement and hope that women will start to believe they are beautiful in their own skin.

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