Senator Frank LaRose Visits Mount Union Campus

March 18, 2011

Frank LaRoseOhio Senator Frank LaRose (R – 27th District) met with a group of University of Mount Union students Friday morning while on campus. LaRose spoke to students enrolled in the communication course, Media Law and Policy.
“The whole reason I decided to get involved (in politics) is because I figured our generation has to be a part of the solution,” said 31-year old LaRose. “We have this wonderful system here in our country where we get to be a part of making the decisions of how our tax money is spent and how our public policy is written. Sitting on the sidelines and complaining about it isn’t going to yield any good results.”
While a student at The Ohio State University, LaRose got involved in politics by accident. Stumbling upon politics is the way he believes most people get involved. Hear his personal story.
“I realized that it was in my heart, and it is what I’m being called to do,” said LaRose when describing the moment he knew he wanted to run for office. “Quite honestly, I was looking around and I was seeing a lot of people who were nowhere close to my age making decisions that are going to affect us for the next 50 years. We will be working, paying taxes and living in this community for a long time to come. It’s good to have individuals who have experience, but it’s also good to have a mix of people who have some new ideas. When you take the energy and creativity of a young person and pair it with an older person who has experience, I think you get a much better scenario. So I said, ‘I want to run for the State Senate.’”
He truly believes that if you can identify a problem and want to work to fix it, then politics is a great environment to be in. He’s only been in the State Senate for a grand total of nine weeks now, but he says it’s been amazing how many things with which he’s been able to be involved.
LaRose told the group of students that communication is a transferable skill that is essential to every profession and organization including politics. In fact, a Mount Union student majoring in economics was LaRose’s first interaction with Mount Union, and it all started with a tweet. Dan DeWitt ’10 sent him a message via Twitter back in 2009 asking if he could volunteer on his campaign.
“I think he thought he was coming to some big official campaign headquarters, but it was just my little living room in my apartment,” he said. “Dan and I started looking at how we were going to put things together. We became friends and he was very involved in my campaign.”
Aside from meeting with a communication class, LaRose met with Mount Union president Dr. Richard F. Giese and Student Senate president Adam Hood as well as given a campus tour.
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