Senior Class Gift Projects

Philanthropy, like many things, begins at home, whether it be one’s childhood home or Mount Union, the home-away-from-home for our students.  Each year, members of the senior class work closely with The Mount Union Fund to establish a concept for a ‘Senior Class Gift’.  In doing so, the officers begin the process of educating members of the class about the importance of giving back so that future generations may benefit from the generous gift. 

The idea of a concentrated effort for the senior class is a newer concept in the history of the University, only haven taken shape over the last decade or so. However, for years, students have generously supported projects on campus, leaving their legacy for future generations to witness. 

Below is a list of senior class gifts to date.

Class year Building/Location
1893 Sandstone inset in the bricks of the Columbian Gates on Union Avenue
1966 Victory bell located in the Mount Union Stadium
1982 Cornerstone by the entrance of Tolerton and Hood Hall of Science
1994 Area beautification at the bridge at the Lakes
1996 Sandstone at the entrance of the Hoover Price Campus Center
1997 Fountain at the Lakes
2001 Gazebo near the Lakes
2003 Brick walkway by the Lakes
2005 Brick walkway and flowering trees by the Lakes
2006 Courtyard of Hartshorn Village
2007 Brick walkway leading to the bridge/renovation and redesign of bridge
2008 Plaza at the newly renovated entrance of the McPherson Health and Wellness Center
2009 First-floor lounge in the newly renovated McPherson Health and Wellness Center

Computer Lab in the newly renovated Engineering and Business Building
2011 Lounge in the McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex

Two recreational court areas in the northern quad formed by Shields Residence Hall and Bica-Ross Residence Hall.

The clock tower, located in the Chapman grove, between Chapman Hall and King Hall.

Brick sidewalk that runs behind the Gartner Welcome Center near the campus lakes.
2015 Digital Wayfinding Station

Resurfacing of the basketball court by Miller Hall and King Hall and an addition of brick area and benches 

Pavilion located adjacent to volleyball court by McMaster Hall 

 Clock Tower

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