Should I Report the Assault?

Mount Union encourages you to file a report about the incident.  By providing the Alliance Police Department and the Dean of Students' Office with  information, you may be able to prevent future assaults against yourself and others.  It is vital that you make a report as soon as possible, particularly if this was a stranger assault.  The potential danger to you and the community is higher with stranger assaults.  Reporting is not the same as prosecuting.  While the investigation and charges placed will not be under your control, you will have the opportunity to make your wishes regarding prosecution known. 

In order to report to the police, you can call the police department and an officer will meet you to take a statement from you.  If you would rather not have the officer come to where you are, you can also go to the police department to make your report.  If you go to the hospital for an examination​, hospital personnel will contact the police and you can make a report there.

Some survivors may be reluctant to make a report if they were drinking at the time of the assault, particularly if they are under the legal age for alcohol consumption.  Please be aware that University of Mount Union and the Alliance Police Department are more concerned about sexual assault than underage drinking.

Alliance Police Department - 470 E. Market - 911 or (330) 821-3131

If you were assaulted by a Mount Union student, on or off campus, the assailant may be charged under the University of Mount Union Student Code of Conduct.  Details of this process can be discussed with the Dean or Associate Dean of Students.  The decision to place charges will be made by the Dean of Students or his/her representative, but your wishes will be given serious consideration.  The University disciplinary system is an administrative process, not a legal one; therefore, situations that the city prosecutor chooses not to pursue may be able to be addressed through the discipline system.

Dean of Students - John Frazier - (330) 823-2243

Associate Dean of Students - Michelle Gaffney - (330) 823-2243

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