Should I seek counseling?

It is important for you to speak to a counselor, not because there is something wrong with you, but because you have been hurt.  Having someone that can listen and help you sort through your feelings is an important step toward gaining control of your life again.  

One way you can receive counseling is through the Rape Crisis Hotline, which is sponsored by Community Services of Stark County.  Their counseling services are free and can be long-term, if necessary.  There are also support groups available through Rape Crisis.  

Mount Union Counseling Services are also an excellent way for you to receive confidential assistance.  Counseling Services has counselors who can talk with you and help you in your process of emotional healing.  Campus counselors meet with students for a limited number of sessions; however, if further counseling is needed, they will help you get additional assistance. 

The University Chaplain is another option for emotional support for yo​u.  The Chaplain can offer spiritual guidance to you during this challenging time.

Rape Crisis Hotline  (330) 821-RAPE (7273)     

Counseling Services  (330) 829-8707

Mount Union Chaplain's Office​ (330) 823-2838

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