Mount Union is on Snapchat!


Mount Union's Snapchat Game is Strong

How strong is Mount Union’s Snapchat game? Pretty strong. Not only is it used to capture beautiful sights on campus, it is used to inform and give students seconds long glimpses of events, competitions, finals dates, holiday celebrations, sporting events, and way more. You can even snap Mount Union’s account (mountunion) yourself to participate in contests.

To follow Mount Union on Snapchat you can either:
1. Go to "add friends" on the menu and "add by username." Our username is: mountunion
2. Hold your phone up to this screen and hold down your finger on the ghost.
3. Screenshot our ghost and go to the "add friends" menu and "add by snapcode" and select our screenshot.

*Just to note – we do not become friends with any of our followers. We can receive individual snaps from users if you send them to us but since we do not friend any users we cannot view personal stories.

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