Social Responsibility Class Holds Jail ?n Bail

April 22, 2010

Dr. Steven Kramer's Social Responsibility class at Mount Union College held a Jail 'n Bail Day on March 28 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Campus Grounds of the Hoover- Price Campus Center.

During the Jail 'n Bail event, people could pay $1 to have someone 'jailed' for a short period of time. The people who were 'jailed' were offered two choices: either spend time in jail or avoid it completely by 'posting bail' (paying $3). For an additional $2, the 'jailed' individuals could find out who jailed them.

The fund-raising activity was held to pay for some of the expenses incurred during the Social Responsibility class' trip to El Salvador over spring break. While in El Salvador, the class helped to construct latrines in several small villages in Western El Salvador.

The cost for the trip was $1,100 per student. Each student paid $400, and the class tried to raise the additional funds by appealing to various organizations and to the churches where the students belonged.

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