Nancy Hill

Nancy Hill ‘79

Major: Sociology
Job Title: President and CEO

I was from a small town in western Pennsylvania and wanted to be close enough to go home, but far away enough to "grow up" away from my parents. I looked at many small, private colleges and universities, but Mount Union fit me perfectly.

Sociology Faculty

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Faculty Bios

Dr. Andrew Bain
Dr. Andy Bain took up the position of Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Mount Union in August, 2013 following nine very successful years with the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth, UK. Whilst at Portsmouth Dr. Bain was the Course Leader for Criminology with Psychology, and the Senior Lecturer: Correctional Studies. His professional background includes 4 years with the National Probation Service and 6 years running a successful Criminal Justice Consultancy group, providing guidance and support to law enforcement agencies and correctional bodies.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Psychology (Joint Honors), a Post-Graduate in Psychology, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Ph.D in Criminal Justice, which centers upon Corrections - with a specific focus on the rehabilitation and resettlement of offenders.

His current research interests include offender rehabilitation and desistance from crime; tattoo and culture, gangs and coded language; social-psychology of offending and risk-taking behavior; and the forensic (psychological) investigation of criminal behavior. In addition, Dr. Bain has published in a number of leading international academic and professional journals, and authored a number of local and national law enforcement reports. He is the co-author of Professional Risk Taking with People: A Guide to Decision-Making in Health, Social Care & Criminal

Dr. Jeffery Hahn (Professor Emeritus)

hahnDr. Jeffery Hahn is a 1973 graduate of Mount Union where he majored in sociology and was an active member of Sigma Nu fraternity.  Shortly thereafter, in 1975, he returned to Mount Union and began teaching sociology courses.  He earned a master’s degree from Kent State University, and a doctoral degree in sociology from the Kent State University and Akron University Joint Doctoral Program. He completed a comprehensive examination in deviant behavior and criminology and a dissertation that examined the relationships between respectability and processing stereotypes in an alcoholism treatment agency.

He teaches a variety of classes at Mount Union including Introduction to Sociology, American Society and Criminology and Deviant Behavior. He also supervises the research senior culminating experience (SCE) for senior sociology majors. Since 1984, Hahn’s research has sharply shifted focus and now centers on leisure specialization, especially bass anglers.  His primary research of interest is fisheries and biologists who manage not only natural resources, but must also manage the users of natural resources and attempt to mitigate conflicts among various user groups.

Paul Muller
mullerDr. Paul Muller graduated in 1997 from Brigham Young University with a bachelor of science degree in sociology. He earned a master of arts degree in 1999 and a doctoral degree in 2004, both in sociology from the University of New Hampshire. A member of the Mount Union faculty since 2004, Muller’s areas of specialization include criminology, family, social stress and mental health. 

He teaches courses within the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.  Some of the courses he teaches include Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Research Design, Juvenile Delinquency, Stress and Mental Health and Corrections and Family Violence.  His current research interests include issues related to family violence as well as the health consequences of childhood exposure to stress.

mathisDr. Naoko Oyabu-Mathis
Dr. Naoko Oyabu-Mathis, a native of Hiroshima, Japan, earned a bachelor of arts degree in sociology from Mount Union in 1980. She was a recipient of the Yoshino Murakami 'Peace' Scholarship. She earned a master of arts degree in 1985 and a doctoral degree in 1988, both in sociology from the University of Akron. She joined the faculty in 1988, and was named Mount Union’s Great Teacher in 2002.

While she was writing her doctoral dissertation, she began studying elder care. It has remained an interest of hers over the years, and it’s a topic of which she has spoken on at several conferences, specifically Japanese and American care for the elders. At Mount Union, Oyabu-Mathis teaches Introduction to Sociology, Courtship and Marriage, Social Gerontology, Data Analysis in Social Science, Medical Sociology, American Family and Intercultural Communication.

Dr. Kathleen Piker-King
kingDr. Kathleen Piker-King graduated with magna cum laude honors from Indiana State University in 1972, earning a bachelor of science degree in secondary education with specializations in sociol­ogy, economics and political science. She earned a master of arts degree in 1973 and a doctoral degree in sociology in 1978, both from Kent State University. To complete her doctoral degree, she had to take comprehensive examinations in research design, methodology, statistics, theory, theory construction, deviance and criminology.

Prior to joining the faculty at Mount Union in 1978, Kathleen was a part-time instructor at the University of Akron and a teaching fellow at Kent State University.

She has won several awards for outstanding teaching.  These awards include Mount Union Favorite Professor Award (1982), Mount Union College Alumni Council Great Teacher Award (1986) and the Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award (1996) presented by the North Central Sociological Association.

Over the years, she has been interested in a wide range of research topics including the consequences of unemployment and mother-daughter relationships. Her most recent interests are bullying behavior and interpersonal aggression at the collegiate level. As a result of this research, she developed a workshop for elementary and middle school educators regarding the characteristics and consequences of bullying behavior. At Mount Union, Piker-King teaches Introduction to Sociology, Contemporary Social Issues, Sociology Field Work Internship, Sociology of Gender and Sociology of Organizations.

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