Compass 2021


The University of Mount Union has a long and storied history of adapting for success. In every era, it has been active in sensing the needs of the time and responding to meet those needs. Although today’s challenges – affordability, doubts about the value of a college degree, and changing learning styles – differ from those of the past, our responses remain unchanged: steadfastness in facing difficulties, inventiveness in meeting society’s needs, and an instinct for inclusion and service to others that expands our reach and our impact. Committed to leadership, collaboration, and innovation, Mount Union promises to prepare our students for exceptional futures.

Leadership is our hallmark. Mount Union alumni are making a difference, both professionally and through service to their communities and beyond. Today’s students, and those yet to come, will continue to thrive in an environment that is keenly focused on their future success. Classroom learning, practical opportunities, a diverse and inclusive environment, and the personal attention for which Mount Union is known will provide an intellectual and experiential atmosphere that fosters leadership development and growth.

Collaboration is key. The members of the University’s community will work hand-in-hand to move the institution forward and ensure an even brighter future for our students. Together, we will identify solutions to challenging issues like affordability, inclusivity, and enrollment. And, if the answers call for the extension of collaboration beyond our campus, we will actively seek partnerships.

Innovation is in Mount Union’s DNA. Time and again, the University has risen to the challenge of change, and because Mount Union has remained nimble, it continues to be strong, vital, and relevant in the 21st century. Inventiveness with our curriculum, teaching pedagogies, and technology will position Mount Union as a modern University committed to preparing students for success in an ever-evolving world.

The plan that follows – Compass 2021: Mount Union’s Strategy to Lead, Collaborate, and Innovate – is intended to guide Mount Union on a realistic yet aspirational path for the future. It is not possible to know with great specificity what Mount Union will look like in five years and what external influences will impact our direction, so the plan does not attempt to map out an unalterable course. Rather, the plan points to key priorities that will guide the University’s efforts over the next five years while leveraging its existing strengths and notable accomplishments.

The plan includes six strategic initiatives:

To The Top!