Courtney Reese ’15

Major: Marketing
Hometown:Cleveland, Ohio

I chose to attend Mount Union because of the small class sizes and the one-on-one attention students receive from professors. At the University, you aren’t just a number. Professors really care about you and your progress in and outside of the classroom. They also are really approachable and personable.

Student Accessibility Services Information for Prospective Students

All students seeking admissions to Mount Union must meet the required academic standards for admission. A prospective student with a disability is not required to disclose his or her disability, nor may college personnel inquire about it during the admission process. However, if the prospective student discloses a disability, discussion may take place, but such information may not adversely affect admission. Once admitted to the college, a student may choose whether or not disclose a disability to the Office of Student Accessibility Services.

For further information contact the Admissions Office at (330) 823-2590 or 1-800-334-6682. Email them at

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