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Starfish allows for a clear collaborative effort among faculty, advisors, administrators, and staff, engaging us all in the active process of supporting student success and retention.

While it certainly does not replace individual outreach or face-to-face conversations with students, this new technology platform does promote important interactions and provide the space for quick and simple notification of advisors or Center for Student Success staff when there is a concern about a student. This enables these support providers to reach out in a timely and effective way, leading to more efficient student support services and increased student success.

Ultimately, Starfish supports the retention efforts at the University of Mount Union by providing an intentional, efficient method of sharing critical information across divisions, tracking students about whom there are concerns, and providing impactful outreach and support services.





Students will learn about Starfish during Preview and Orientation. This will be further reinforced through Exceptional Beginnings.

Faculty and staff will be trained during the New Staff Hire Orientation.

Additional resources can be accessed by the “Starfish How-To” tab located in the sidebar on the right. 


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