Student Debate Held at Mount Union College

April 22, 2010

Mount Union College students held a student debate on Wednesday, November 13.


Tough crime policies in the United States have unintended social consequences according to Ann Bolog, winner of the student debate. Bolog, a junior political science major from Alliance, argued that capital punishment can lead to wrongful executions and the execution of the mentally ill. A proponent of life imprisonment, she also argued that botched executions, something she said is not rare, is a substantial reason to not perform executions at all.
Also arguing against the use of heavy punishment in America's crime policy were Michael Craig, a sophomore from Cortland; Carrie Staley, a senior from Alliance; and Jen Fraser, a senior from Alliance.
Janine Miller, a sophomore from Ravenna; Patrick Carte, a freshman from Alliance; Richard Greenawalt, a freshman from Ashtabula; and Kristen Meadows, a sophomore from Orchard Park, New York argued that punishment is needed to save the civil social order.

Meadows was awarded second place and Miller was awarded third. Staley finished fourth.
Winners were judged by a faculty panel based on content quality, ability to organize thoughts, manner of presentation, their response to audience questions and the general impression he or she made on the judges.
The student debate, in its ninth year at Mount Union College, was coordinated by Dr. Santosh Saha, associate professor of history. Dr. Martin Horning, professor of economics, served as chairman and moderator, and Dr. James Dillon, professor of mathematics, served as the chief scorer.

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