Chris Ifantiedes ‘16

Major: Athletic Training
Hometown:Massillon, OH

Knowing that my athletic career wouldn't last forever, this career will still let me participate in something I love doing. With my passion for wanting to help people, the medical field and sports, this was the perfect major for me.

Student Involvement And Leadership

The decision is yours: get a degree or get an education.

If you choose to get an education, know that it won't happen just in the classroom. The balance of your college education, and some of your most memorable experiences, will take place within student organizations, completing community service opportunities, participating in leadership development programs, living in a residence hall, acting in theatre productions, contributing as part of a music ensemble or competing on an athletic field.

Any actively involved student can attest to the learning acquired and the satisfaction experienced through their college involvement. By combining the skills you develop through your co- and extra-curricular involvement with the knowledge you gain in the classroom, you will be much better prepared to explore and develop your championship potential.

Whatever your interests or reasons to get involved, there is probably an organization or opportunity in existence to suit your needs. If not, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership supports and encourages participation in co- and extra-curricular activities as an integral part of your total education and we'll help you get in touch with similarly interested students to create a new opportunity that's right for you.

To learn more about the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, our programs and how we can help you become an actively involved student please visit the other links on this site.

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