Brett Fortune ‘17

Brett Fortune ‘17

Major: Nursing
Hometown:Wooster, Ohio

I chose to major in nursing because it is a hands-on major that requires lifelong learning. Plus, the opportunity to make a huge impact in someone's life is exciting and meaningful.

Student Organizations

Over 80 student organizations exist at Mount Union. Student organizations are held to a high standard, reflective of the quality of educational experience that Mount Union seeks for its students. These organizations range in type from academic to social, religious to service, as well as variety of special interest organizations. Student organization membership provides an environment for students to connect with one another through a topic of mutual interest, and provide opportunities for cocurricular learning and leadership development. 

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership staff is available to assist student organizations in becoming more effective in providing their membership with a positive cocurricular experience. Organizations can enhance their effectiveness by utilizing the resources in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, becoming familiar with policies and procedures related to organizational operations, and educating members about the benefits and expectations associated with being part of an educational community.

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