Student Presents on Crimes of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

April 24, 2015

By Emily Messino

Criminal justice and computer science major Brandon German gave a SCHOLAR Day presentation on “Examining the crimes of the outlaw motorcycle gangs.” In 2009, Barker and Human published research on the big four motorcycle gangs, which ranged from 1980-2005.  In the research, they sought to further the understanding of the gangs and their criminal activities. German’s research used similar methods of those used by Barker and Human to add to their findings to create a 35-year span of information on the criminal activities of these outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Articles from the LexisNexis newspaper database were used to find criminal activities of the outlaw motorcycle gangs from 2005-2014. The big four gangs can change from year to year so the top five outlaw motorcycle gangs were studied. The research provided information on the types of crimes each gang performs and how many members are in the gangs. Heat mapping is a tool used to locate where there are high crime rates.

The study suggested that more focus needs to be on high crime rates instead of on large groups that aren’t committing a majority of the crime. An area of future investigation could be The Harley Owners Group (HOG), the official riding group of Harley Davidson, which is the largest motorcycle group, to see if size really has an effect on the amount of crimes committed.

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