Mount Union Student Satisfaction

At the University of Mount Union, we care about the wants and needs of our students.  In our effort to fulfill their expectations and to set the stage for your outstanding campus experience, we survey students on a regular basis to learn what is working and what needs more work.  No campus is perfect, but overall we have learned that our students are very satisfied with the value of their Mount Union experiences.

Why Mount Union?
Here’s what our students say.


Life on campus is great.

Students told us that…
  • They are made to feel welcome here.
  • The campus is safe and secure.
  • They feel a sense of belonging here.
  • The campus is well-maintained.
  • Campus communication is informative.
  • A variety of intramurals are offered.

Help is a question away.

The survey says…
  • Faculty members are available outside of class.
  • The campus staff is caring and helpful.
  • Academic advisors are available.
  • Academic advisors are knowledgeable about requirements in majors.
  • Counseling services are available.


Learning is the priority.

According to our survey results…

  • Students are able to experience intellectual growth.
  • The content of courses within majors is valuable.
  • Library resources and services are adequate.

Technology is innovative.

The survey results indicated…
  • Mount Union’s campus provides online access to the services students need.
  • Computer labs are adequate and accessible.

So, what does it all mean?  It means that Mount Union students are reaching their goals with the help of challenging academic programs, educational value and accessible faculty – as well as caring administrators and innovative technology – all while living on Mount Union’s active and safe campus that they consider their “home away from home.”  Whew!  That’s a mouthful.  It simply boils down to this.  Mount Union is where exceptional begins.

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