Kyle Shepard

Kyle Shepard '18

Major: NSFIA/International Affairs
Hometown:Perry, Ohio

They say home is where the heart is and my heart is at the University of Mount Union.

Student Staff Policies

Where do those great DJ's come from?

WRMU-FM's staff will consist of Mount Union students. Students will have first priority on all air shifts. All on air staff will go through a training program and be held accountable for information in WRMU-FM Handbook of Policies, Procedures and Operations. CO 140 will serve as a training course. All faculty and staff are eligible to work on the air at WRMU-FM, provided they complete a training program. Completion of a training program does not necessarily entitle a person to an air shift. Assignment to an air shift is subject to time availability and may require successful completion of an audition for both style and program content.

If air shifts cannot be filled by students, approved and qualified people may fill an air shift. The person must meet all the qualifications listed for students and must be approved by the station manager, communications department chair and the Dean of Mount Union. Students are the top priority for WRMU-FM air shifts. Faculty, staff, or community members will have to relinquish their airtime to qualified students. Community members will adhere to all WRMU-FM rules, regulations and policies. The radio station will not be used for personal communications or editorials.

The Station Manager and the Dean of the College may dismiss anyone from and air shift without delay, if they have been found in violation of WRMU-FM, Mount Union or Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations.


  • All students working at the station must be in good academic standing with the University and making satisfactory progress toward satisfying degree requirements as defined in the University of Mount Union Catalogue.
  • All students applying for and/or holding Station Management positions must have and maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.
  • All Student Director positions and Supervisory positions are eligible for Student Work-Study through the Financial Aid Office. It is the responsibility of the student to coordinate with that office along with the Station Management personnel and to act on requests for Practicum registration.
  • Students who wish to register for Practicum credit (CM 299) must receive approval for the Station Manager prior to registration for the course. In addition, Practicum students must sign the standard WRMU-FM Contract and abide by the station and Department of Communication policies. Practicum students are under the guidance of the Station Manager, who approves the students work at the station, with the advice of the appropriate Station Manager member(s). Such students will abide by the Department of Communication Practicum Policies. The Station Manager shall determine the grade for the Practicum students.
  • Regular staff members who are doing Practicum work, it is the responsibility of the Station Manager, with the advice of the Station Management, to oversee workloads counted toward Practicum credit (CM 299).
  • Any student who wishes to volunteer his/her services at WRMU-FM for the purpose of gaining experience in the field and/or as an avocational interest may make application to do so. The nature of his/her service is governed by the student's own interest and aptitude, and will be utilized as determined by the appropriate Station Management member and the Station Manager. Each student will sign the standard WRMU-FM Contract and abide by station and Department of Communication policies.
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