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Student Testimonials

Our PA program prepares students to become succesful physician assistants. Our graduates use their knowledge and skills, learned throughout the program, everyday in their field.

What our students have to say about the PA Studies program…

Ryan Adler

"The didactic phase is an intense and exciting 15 months that tests
you mentally and physically. The instructors push you to new heights
to master material while you develop and refine your clinical skills. I was
well prepared for clinical rotations and feel confident that the University
of Mount Union physician assistant program has given me the tools
necessary to have confidence and excel as a PA".
-Ryan Adler, Class of 2011

Stacey DiAntonio “The Physician Assistant Program is rigorous and challenging, but with
the support of the faculty and each other, we are well prepared to succeed
in the PA profession.  It is exciting to know that we will soon begin our
careers in a profession that we love, and that we will continue to be
connected long after graduation as both friends and colleagues.”
-Stacey DiAntonio, Class of 2011
Jensen Lewis

"Mount Union's Physician Assistant Studies Program is part of the big family
that is the University of Mount Union.  The faculty and staff treat you like
part of their family.  The didactic portion of the program is strenuous and
the information provided helps you when you go to your clinical rotations. 
Here, you put everything you've learned in the first year of the program
to work and gain even more knowledge and expertise."
-Jensen Lewis, Class of 2011

Lauren Sirak "I really enjoyed my time at Mount Union with my "PA family".  Professor Luke and
the other staff members at UMU have been great mentors and were invaluable to my education.  I feel well prepared for the PANCE thanks to their tremendous support,
guidance, encouragement, and professionalism.  I am excited to say I accepted my
dream job thanks to the contact made through the program.  The program has given
me confidence that I will be successful as I begin my PA career." 
-Lauren Sirak, Class of 2011
Jamie Serenko "The greatest success of our program, in my opinion, lies in the small
class size. Being a smaller program allows us to receive more personalized
attention and create stronger bonds with each other and our faculty. And in
PA school, having classmates that can depend on one another makes a world
of difference."
-Jamie Serenko, Class of 2011
Carri Meiler "The Mount Union Physician Assistant Program has been both challenging
and rewarding.  I feel the faculty and staff have properly prepared me for my
clinical experiences, as well as passing the PANCE.  Looking back two years
ago I would have never imagined that I would feel this prepared and excited
to soon be doing what I enjoy on a daily basis."
-Carri Meiler, Class of 2011
Audrea Oaks

"When choosing a PA school to attend, Mount Union was hands down the
best choice for me. The small class size (19 students) allowed for more
one-on-one interaction with the professors.  The association with the
Cleveland Clinic and the cadaver lab was a great asset and really helped
me learn Anatomy. Now that I have finished clinical rotations and am making
my transition to a practicing professional, I can truly appreciate the didactic
portion of my education. Looking back, choosing to take part in the inaugural
Physician Assistant class at Mount Union was a great decision that has truly
changed my future for the better!"
-Audrea Oaks, Class of 2011

Shannon Quinn "The past two years have been a whirlwind of experiences, from studying
cadavers at the Cleveland Clinic and  juggling five major exams in a week, to
working alongside health care professionals in treating patients in clinical
rotations. All of these experiences were challenging, yet rewarding, especially
as I prepare to transition from student to practitioner. I feel confident that the
experiences afforded to me through the Mount Union program have prepared
me with the knowledge and tools to not only pass the PANCE in the near
future, but also to become a confident and competent practicing PA. Though
being a part of an inaugural class has its advantages and disadvantages, I am
glad that I had the opportunity to learn alongside such a great group of
people that I now call friends, instead of classmates."
-Shannon Quinn, Class of 2011

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