Students Choose to Support The Concern of Sebring

April 29, 2009

Students of Dr. Michelle Collins-Sibley chose to award Campus Connects funds to The Concern.Mount Union College awarded funds from its Campus Connects philanthropy program to The Concern at a ceremony held in Dewald Chapel on Monday.

Dr. Michelle Collins-Sibley’s two African American literature classes were involved in the philanthropy education program this semester. After researching local organizations and their missions, they decided to focus on organizations addressing youth impacted by the current economic crisis. They invited non-profit organizations to propose projects they would like funded.

The students chose to award $1,900 to The Concern of Sebring, OH. The Concern runs a thrift store that funds a food pantry program.  Representatives from The Concern attended the ceremony to receive the check and thanked Collins-Sibley and her students for their generosity.  “We can feed 2,800 people with this money,” they said. “This is a great gift to our community.”

The Campus Connects philanthropy program was the dream of Cincinnati-based philanthropist Roger Grein.  Mount Union was one of only a few campuses in Ohio honored as part of the program, which was offered to Ohio Campus Compact member campuses in 2007.  Grein worked with Ohio and Kentucky Campus Compacts to fund philanthropic education programs on campuses so that his money could work twice as much.  It helped to teach college students about giving in their communities while assisting non-profit agencies to accomplish their desired project goals.  Agencies that have received Campus Connect funds from Mount Union include The Alliance Neighborhood Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter, The Battered Women’s Shelter and The American Cancer Society.

“The Campus Connects program has been wonderful for our campus,” said Amanda Espenschied-Reilly, Director of Service-Learning and Community Service. “Faculty teaching these courses found it to be a wonderfully-engaging project for their students and a unique, rigorous academic experience.”

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