Students Inventory Historic Mabel Hartzell Items

November 18, 2013

University of Mount Union students enrolled in the Historians' Craft class of Theresa Davis, instructor of history, recently assisted in a photo inventory project at the Mabel Hartzell Historic Home in Alliance.

Six students, along with Davis, spent nearly 40 hours in October and November getting the inventory project underway. The Mabel Hartzell Historic Home, owned and operated by the Alliance Historical Society, contains numerous items of historical importance.

Some of the items are original to the family that built and lived in the house, Matthew and Mary Edwards Earley and their adopted daughter Mabel Hartzell while other items on display in the home are of local significance and have been donated over the years to the Alliance Historical Society.

The goal of the inventory project is to photograph all of the interior and exterior areas of the property, as well as the individual items there, and to record basic information about each item including manufacturer, description, measurements, condition and origin.

The project, under the direction of Historical Society board member Michelle Dillon, has so far recorded 1,229 images, with 64 pages of descriptive information to go along with the images.

Thanks to the efforts of the class, the interior/exterior overviews and the kitchen item details have been completed, and the item detail for the summer kitchen and sitting room are nearly complete. The project will continue with the help of students in Davis’ class next semester, with the hope of completion in 2014.

Students helping with the inventory project were senior middle childhood education major Jordan Widder of Bolivar, OH; senior history major Abbey Benninghoff of Hookstown, PA; senior history major Caitlin Dicresce of Copley, OH; senior history major Chris Bealko of Chardon, OH; junior history major John Opalenik of Cleveland, OH and junior history and sociology major Trevor Stephenson of Alliance, OH.

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