Students Research Compression Garments

April 24, 2012

ALLIANCE, Ohio — A group of University of Mount Union students researched the effectiveness of compression garments on wrestlers’ recovery time and presented that research at the University’s fifth annual SCHOLAR Day on Tuesday, April 17.

The group included senior exercise science majors David Jordan Pirtle of Elkhart, IN; Justin Michael Rice of Findlay, OH and David Giancola of Jordan, MN. The group was sponsored by Ron Mendel, associate professor of human performance and sport business.

The group looked at SKINS compression garments, which claim to accelerate the recovery process following a workout. For the research project, the group used six collegiate wrestlers, with three wearing garments and three not wearing the garments after working out and then switching. During the process, wrestler’s lactate levels were measured using a lactate Scout analyzer. Though the group found there was a trend in the garments decreasing recovery time, they found no statistical significance to the claim.

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