Study Abroad Testimonials

Studying abroad is truly what the Japanese call 一期一会; or as we say in English, a once in a lifetime experience. I learned more than I could even imagine and had so many wonderful experiences abroad. Studying abroad helped me decide future goals and dreams, as well as establish professional connections to help achieve them. It was a very rewarding experience.

- Kevin Princic, Hikone, Japan - Fall 2013

Studying abroad was a great experience. I made some awesome memories as I explored sights and lands I cannot even compare anything to. I learned a lot about myself and the world in a way that cannot be taught in a classroom, or out of a textbook. Being across the globe made my ties back home so much stronger and helped me see posibilities for the future.

- Sara Hall, Chengdu, China - Fall 2013

Studying abroad has impacted me on an inidividual level. It allowed me to grow not only intellectually, but also culturally. It was a nice change of pace that really allowed me to learn more aobut myself and about the world.

- Anthony Heider, Osaka, Japan - Fall 2013

Studying abroad furthered my knowledge of French culture firsthand. I imagine without this experience I wouldn't be the French speaker that I am today. I hope all other students find studying abroad a truly educational experiece worth having.

- Carey Coleman, Pau, France - Summer 2013

Study abroad was a fantastic opportunity in every aspect. You find a real appreciation for things that you may not necessarily do or find at home. Professionally, I gained a lot of confidence because of the different situations I was thrown into, dealing with various types of people and having to communicate as clearly as possible and accept different ways of doing things. It was an all-around great experience and I cannot wait to go back someday.

- Rachel Toth, Luneburg, Germany - Spring 2013

If you would like the name and contact information of a study abroad alumni who has studied in your destination country of interest, please contact the Center for Global Education at (330) 823-3189, visit us in KHIC 106 or email in order to discover information about a fellow student who can talk with you about study abroad!

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