Summer Bridge Program FAQ

The 2017 Jumpstart Summer Bridge Program begins with check-in Sunday, July 23, from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. with the program beginning Monday, July 24. A kick-off dinner will be held at the President’s house on Sunday, June 23. The program will conclude by 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 5. 

How much does the Jumpstart Program cost?

There is NO expense to you for room/board, sessions, workshops, and social events during the program.

I will be a resident student. What do I need to bring?

During the Jumpstart Summer Bridge Program, all participants will be living in one of our traditional residence halls with other Jumpstart participants.

Students who will live in on-campus housing in the fall, or those reporting for a fall athletic camp after Jumpstart, can bring all of the items you plan to have for the school year. However, you will need to make arrangements to store your items during the Jumpstart Program, and then make arrangements to move those items into your permanent room for the fall semester after Jumpstart has ended.

Students who are not fall athletes will return home when the Jumpstart Program ends, and return to campus Friday, August 18 on Move-in Day for fall Orientation.

What will a typical weekday and weekend look like?

The Jumpstart Program is intended to flow similarly to a typical academic schedule. Below is what a typical weekday would look like:


Academic prep in reading, writing, and oral presentation

LUNCH: 11:30 a.m.

Academic prep in math competencies
Academic success workshops | Skills for transitioning to college life (ex. Note taking, talking to professors, how to use the library

DINNER: 5 p.m.

Study time or faculty/Bridge Leader-led activities

DAY ENDING: 9 p.m.
Students will be brought back to the residence hall where they will stay with a trained Residence Life administrator and four peer mentors.

Weekends will mostly focus on social, community and cultural activities. Students accepted to the Jumpstart Program will receive a detailed schedule at check-in.

What activities must I attend?

You are required to attend all Jumpstart Program sessions, workshops, and social and cultural events. The University will cover all activity expenses. 

Who else is participating? Who will I meet?

You will meet and interact with other first-year students, upperclassmen, faculty, staff and Dr. Merriman, the President of the University.

What are Bridge Leaders?

Bridge Leaders are trained student mentors that will serve as role models and resources to students throughout the day and evening. Bridge Leaders will attend all sessions and activities during the Jumpstart Summer Bridge Program. They will develop and direct social and education activities, conduct one-on-one mentoring sessions, and be a positive influence and guide to students with questions about transitioning to college life as well as many other duties.

Who will be with my student during the program?  

As part of the Jumpstart Summer Bridge Program, students will interact with various faculty members, administrators and staff of the University. A trained Residence Life administrator will be with students in their residence hall after 9 p.m. Four trained Bridge Leaders (student mentors) will be with students around the clock.

Can I bring a car? 

Before arriving for Jumpstart, you must notify the Jumpstart program director and obtain a parking permit in the Office of Campus Security. In case of emergency, campus security can transport you to your car. After securing permission and a parking permit, please inform us that you have brought a car to Jumpstart when you check in for the program.

I am an athlete; will the Jumpstart Program conflict with any of my athletic commitments?

No. The Jumpstart Summer Bridge Program will not conflict with any team scheduled preseason practice or conditioning.

I will be a commuter student in the fall; do I need to stay on campus during the Jumpstart Program?

Yes, all students participating in the Jumpstart Summer Bridge Program will be required to live on campus during the 14-day program.

Are there times that I will have to workout or talk with my coaches?

Yes, the fitness facility will be open during the summer.

McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex (MAAC) Summer Hours:
Monday – Friday | 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday | 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday | 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Who will be transporting students to off-campus activities? 

During the Jumpstart program, there will be opportunities for students to go to Cleveland for a day trip and to an Akron Rubber Ducks (semi-pro baseball) as well as other off-campus activities. The University will provide transportation and students will be accompanied by Bridge Leaders, as well as faculty members or administrators of the Center for Student Success. 

How do I get around campus?

The University of Mount Union is a small, residential campus of roughly 2,200 undergraduate students. All buildings and facilities are easily accessible by walking. 

Do I need to bring dress clothes? 

No, you will not be required to have dress clothes for the Jumpstart Program. During the scheduled programing, students will need to be dressed appropriately (nice shorts, jeans, etc. are appropriate – workout cloths, pajama pants and revealing clothing are not).

I have other questions. Who should I ask?

For questions, please contact:
Dr. Lori L. Braa, Assistant Professor of Sport Business

Jesse Cunion, Executive Director, Center for Student Success | (330) 823-6051

Tammi Kohl Kennedy, Director of Academic Support | (330) 823-3146

Representatives of the program will also be available when you check in for the Jumpstart Program.



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