Summer Projects Visible Throughout Campus

April 13, 2010

When students are absent from campus for the summer, it is the prime time for the Physical Plant staff to get things done. The staff not only gets budget approval for campus projects, but, according to Physical Plant secretary, Diana Snyder, the staff can spend the kind of time they need to do their work.

Another entrance sign has been placed at the corner of State and McKinley.
Improvements are made to the campus to give students a comfortable and attractive living and studying environment. The Physical Plant has replaced the asphalt in the campus sidewalks that were broken or sunk and repaved them. Randy Rasmussen, Physical Plant maintenance supervisor, believes it is their way of ensuring safety to students traveling around campus. They have also placed new furniture and carpet in campus buildings and replaced the turf at the Gulling Training Center.

Physical Plant has added a new College sign at the corner of State Street and McKinley to make Mount Union more visible to passersby. They have also added new flowerbeds throughout the campus. "It's an attempt to tie the new in with the old, update older buildings," Snyder says. The staff also took out old shrubs and large trees surrounding walkways and buildings and added the flowers for color.

The major projects that Physical Plant has completed like the new sidewalks, replacing boiler rooms, electrical installations and installing a new sprinkler system are referred to as "capital improvements," because of their cost. Their improvements to the M Club Lounge can be qualified as this.

One major project that is in the planning/review stage is the transformation of the basketball lounge in the Timken Physical Education Building into a recruitment office. According to Rasmussen, the staff plans to place a trophy case, a big screen television and a picture wall in the new area. Also, when new basketball recruits come to visit Mount Union, they will be able to see their pictures on the wall. Also our new science facility, Bracy Hall, is well on its way to completion and will be open to students during fall semester 2003.

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