Sustainabilty Awards

Mount Union's "Green Raider" Sustainability Awards

The Mount Union Green Raider Sustainability Awards are presented annually to a faculty member, a staff member, and a student who has enhanced sustainability at Mount Union through actions that promoted the principles of social, financial, and environmental responsibility, and who has done so in a way that created a more sustainable, efficient, and healthy atmosphere for our campus community.

Nominations may be made by any member of the campus community. You may nominate as many individuals as you wish. To nominate a student, a faculty member or a staff member, send an email to with the nominee's name, whether he or she is a faculty member, staff member, or student, as well as an answer to the following question:

What has the nominee done (through education, action or communication) to promote the sustainability principles of social, financial and/or environmental responsibility on the Mount Union campus?

Nominations are accepted throughout the month of March each year. Awardees will be selected by a sub-committee of the Sustainability Management Advisory Committee. 

2018 Sustainability Award Winners

Past and Current Award Recipients:


2012 – Debra Boyd-Kimball
2013 – Lori Kumler
2014 – Steve Kramer
2015 – Chuck McClaugherty
2016 – Paul Tidman
2017 – Scott Gravlee
2018 – Shehla Arif


2012 – Lorie Miller
2013 – Blaine Lewis
2014 – Debbie Knepp
2015 – Abby Honaker
2016 – Jim Rhodes
2017 – Gina Maida
2018 – Anson Gross


2012 – Zach Suhar
2013 – Kelly Slutz
2014 – Sarah Kelly
2015 – Hayley Buzulencia
2016 – Becky Oblak
2017 – Reilly Augustine and Gretchen Dietz
2018 – Mallory Glenn

2018 Green Raider Award Recipients:
Mallory Glenn ’18 and Dr. Shehla Arif (Not pictured: Anson Gross).

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