Taubs Give Back to Future Engineers

February 09, 2017

ALLIANCE – After working in the field of aerospace engineering for more than 35 years, Russ Taub knows what it takes to be a successful engineer.

Taub and his wife, Anne, have lived in numerous locations across the country, but recently settled down to call Northeast Ohio home on the precipice of retirement. In wanting to give back to the field that has treated him so well, Taub became a member of the Department of Engineering’s Advisory Board at the University of Mount Union to help guide future engineers to success in the field. 

After sitting on that board for some time, the Taubs felt that they could contribute more than advice and guidance, and thus the Taub Engineering Endowed Fund was established in fall of 2016. Their generous gift will allow the chair of the Department of Engineering to help students in financial need, as well as aid the department’s ability in offering the most current technological resources and experiential opportunities to its students.

“I wanted the department to have maximum leeway to use the money as they saw fit for the needs of an individual or of the entire group,” said Taub.

Working for United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin for several years in a managerial role, Taub knows that having strong written and oral communication skills as an engineer is paramount. Those attributes comprise one of the five pillars the department is built upon.

“A liberal arts background is crucial,” he said. “There are absolutely times you have to look at the bigger picture as an engineer and thoughtfully present your ideas. Having hands-on experiences while being able to be socially conscious to the surrounding world means so much to successful engineers today.”

“We want to try to help build up Mount Union and its students even more to be a positive influence and thrive in the community,” Anne said. 

The Taub Engineering Endowed Fund will begin dispersal of the funds to the department in the fall of 2017.

“The Department of Engineering is blessed to have a strong cadre of engineering leaders advising us, and the Taubs have been passionate supporters for our students and faculty,” said Dr. Osama Jadaan, professor and chair of the Department of Engineering. “All engineering students are driven and competent, however some of them face financial challenges. The Taub Endowed Fund will help ease the financial burdens for some deserving engineering students. We are very thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Taub for their generosity.” 

For more information on Mount Union’s Department of Engineering, visit mountunion.edu/mechanical-engineering or mountunion.edu/civil-engineering.

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