Taylor Lanese '18

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Parma, Ohio

Minor: Psychology

Soccer, Fellowship of Christian Athletes  

Future Nursing Professor

Why Mount Union?
I got an email from Coach Kelley Clark about coming on a recruit visit. My overnight visit to campus sealed the deal, I was able to talk to many students who at the time reassured me that Mount works with students to make being a student athlete possible! Also, the brand new nursing program was a main selling point; I just knew I was going to be exposed to incredible learning opportunities! 

A Beautiful Campus
I have seen Mount Union transform very much over the past 3 years, but one thing has always been true, it is the most stunningly beautiful campus I have seen. From the red brick sidewalks, to the abundant plant life, the Mount Union Physical Plant has worked hard to maintain a clean, safe, and picturesque campus.  

Why Study Nursing?
My father experienced some medical issues when I was younger and I loved watching the nurses do their jobs. I love taking on demanding jobs and helping others, this was a great way to combine the two!

Exceptional Nursing Program
I have had the privilege of attending semester long clinical experiences at 5 different local hospitals including Alliance Community, Salem General, Akron General, Southwest General, and Aultman hospitals. The experiences I have had at each of these clinical sites so far have been invaluable to my education. I have had the opportunity as a student to collaborate with doctors, nurses, technicians, and other hospital staff in order to care for patients. Being able to apply the skills and interventions I have learned in the classroom make me feel ready and prepared to join the ranks as a registered nurse! Outside of Clinical, we have two state of the art nursing laboratories with mannequins that test students on nursing skills such as wound dressing changes, catheterization, and IV starts. Furthermore, our professors challenge us with simulations that test our abilities to critically think, work as a unit, and save a patient in a pressure scenario.

Favorite Mount Union Professor
I have been blessed to have a few professors that have truly made a big impact on my education. Professor Sheryl Mason is a Chemistry teacher here at Mount Union and has encouraged me to overcome obstacles and grow as a student these past few years. She greets me with open arms every time I see her on campus, and is truly an inspiration for many students! Another professor who is brand new to Mount Union this year is Dr. Sara Dorris. When Mount Union students talk about professors going above and beyond, I immediately think of Dr. Dorris. She has shown great care and compassion to our class, constantly finding new and better ways to learn in the classroom. She is available for us even out of office hours to talk over a misunderstanding in the material or just to chat. She challenges and inspires me to be my best in the clinical setting and in the classroom. In such a difficult program, it is always very refreshing to have professors that believe in you!

Effective Communicator
The Integrative Core is an amazing program that helps students excel in the job market and in life. Being able to communicate with others in this age of computers is something that we must see the value of. As a nursing major, I understand that being able to effectively communicate with others is imperative for positive patient outcomes. 

Future Professor
My dream is to become a doctor of nursing practice and eventually become a professor. I would love teach students! 


The Integrative Core is an amazing program that helps students excel in the job market and in life. Being able to communicate with others in this age of computers is something that we must see the value of.

Fun Facts

Where is your favorite travel destination?
Key West, Florida
What is your favorite holiday, and why?
July 4th! It’s my birthday :)
What is your favorite quote or motto?
Find your flow and row row row!!
What’s your favorite app? (If it’s not common, briefly explain what it is)
To The Top!