Taylor Nervo ’15

Major: Biology
Hometown: Louisville, Ohio

Future Organ Procurement Coordinator

Member of Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Phi, Choir, Marching Band, Pre-Health Professions Club, Gamma Beta Phi, Kappa Kappa Psi and the Honors Program


Choosing the Right School
I lived about 15 minutes from Mount Union growing up, and when I visited campus, I fell in love right away with the beauty of the University. I was impressed with the Department of Biology, the Physician Assistant Studies Program and the Concert Choir, which were all of interest to me. My mother also is an alumna of Mount Union, so I always heard wonderful things from her about the University. Plus it didn’t hurt that when I stepped foot on campus that I immediately felt at home.

Community and Camaraderie
What I love most about Mount Union is how close of a community it is and the support and camaraderie you feel from fellow students, faculty and staff.

Picking the Right Major
I chose to major in biology because I knew I wanted to go into medicine as a career. Also, there were many classes within the biology major that really peaked my interest.

Future Career
My ultimate career goal is to become an organ procurement coordinator at a hospital or specialized clinic. This career involves overseeing the entire organ donation team within the hospital to make sure the process of finding an organ match and the procedure is carried out properly. I love working with people and being able to do a job where I can work with the families through the difficult yet rewarding journey of organ donation would be an incredible experience.

Favorite Spots
My favorite place on campus is around the Campus Lakes. It is a beautiful place to relax, spend time with friends, take photos and study (especially during finals week). But, if I could take anyone on campus to one place, it would be to the Hoover-Price Campus Center because so many aspects of campus can be seen in one building. There is the Kresge Dining Commons, B&B Café, University Store (where you can see our Raider pride), bulletin boards with information of the many clubs and activities we have to offer and many other offices.

Class Experiments
My favorite hands-on experience so far as a biology major would have to be Microbiology Lab as a whole. It’s fascinating to take samples from our environment and be able to carry out experiments where I can look into a microscope and see what unseen organisms live around us.

Welcoming and Helpful
Everyone is so welcoming and helpful at Mount Union. I feel so comfortable talking to all of my professors, other faculty members and students. With help and guidance from others, I know I can succeed in everything that I strive for.

Learning to Stay Healthy
My favorite class so far would probably have to be Health Psychology because it was a class that related to everyday life. One interesting topic of discussion was all about stress and how it affects our health and how we can better live our lives to stay healthy.

Favorite Professor
My favorite professor is Dr. Grant Cook III, associate professor of music and director of choral activities. Even though I am a biology major, I take part in a lot in music at Mount Union by singing in the Concert Choir and Cantus Femina. Dr. Cook challenges us to always strive for the best and come to every rehearsal with a smile on our faces and energy in our hearts. He has also helped me strive to always have a sense of professionalism in everything I do.

Taylor Nervo ’15

What I love most about Mount Union is how close of a community it is and the support and camaraderie you feel from fellow students, faculty and staff.

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