Teale Harold '11

Major: Political Science/Intl Studies
Job Title: Political Affairs Advisor, UN

Minors: French, Art History

Hometown: North Canton, Ohio

I attend United Nations Security Council meetings to gather information on current events, particularly meetings on South Sudan, Sudan, and Colombia. I send that information, plus the Security Council members’ positions, to diplomats who pass the information to Tokyo. I also share my personal views on Twitter: @tealeh11!

Passion and Mentorship
I chose Mount Union thanks to its strong and active Department of Political Science and International Studies. I met former Mount Union professor Dr. William Cunion at an open house. His passion for the department and his students led me to consider Mount Union more seriously; initially I wanted to go farther from home. He introduced me to other faculty members, and they were so welcoming when I was just a prospective student that I could only imagine the type of mentorship I could receive upon enrollment. I was right! 

Beyond the Classroom Experience
I interned with Congressional campaigns during my sophomore and senior years at Mount Union. At that time, I was most interested in domestic politics. I started in former Congressman John Boccieri’s field office, doing grunt work like cold calls and fundraising. After learning the basics and staying in touch with staff, I was ready to take a more specialized role with the communications staff during his reelection. The work was alternatively rewarding and frustrating, since we won during my first experience and lost in my second. It taught me that once you get beyond the rhetoric and speechifying, politics is about real people and making a positive difference in the lives of those you represent.

Becoming a Leader
What clubs was I involved in? So many! What wasn’t I involved with? I was in the Honors Program my first year. I was in the Association of International Students, FLOCK, Emerging Leaders, Model UN, and Student Senate. I was the secretary of my senior class. I belonged to Alpha Mu Gamma, Sigma Iota Rho and Pi Sigma Alpha, serving as president of the latter two as well as the College Democrats. I also spent a semester abroad in the Netherlands. By being a member of so many organizations and rising to leadership positions, I saw that I could learn and become a leader. In the competitive world of international politics, I am able to hold my own in a variety of circumstances and represent Japan in an appropriate manner because my extracurricular activities helped give me confidence in myself. 

Part of an International Community
I enjoy meeting people from all over the world. I have friends and colleagues from Japan, Sweden, Uruguay, Kazakhstan, Algeria, and more. I enjoy swapping stories about growing up in different circumstances and what brings us together as an international community. I like that we all commiserate about work and celebrate when spring finally reaches New York. When the barriers break down and you have conversations, we can be friendly and accommodating no matter where your nameplate says you are from.

Teale Harold Alumni | Mount Union

[Faculty] were so welcoming when I was just a prospective student that I could only imagine the type of mentorship I could receive upon enrollment. I was right! 

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