Technology Check List

The Office of Information Technology would like to welcome new students and has a few recommendations to help ease the transition into life at University from a technology standpoint.

Laptop and Printer
It is highly recommended, but not required for to students provide their own Laptop computer. This provides the student the maximum flexibility to complete and print assignments at their convenience.
We maintain a 24 hour computer lab with printers for when specialty software or printing is required. For campus printers, our Environmental Print Policy gives students free printing up to 500 Black and White pages per year.

Ethernet Network Cable
While most of the campus has wireless access, an Ethernet cable with provide the fastest most reliable method for computers and game consoles to connect to the campus network. A free cable is provided (up to 10’) by the Office of Information Technology to all incoming students. If you find you need longer than 10 feet, there are a wide variety available online and at local stores.  

Coaxial Cable
This cable allows students to connect a TV in their residence hall room to the campus cable network. Only one coaxial connection is available for each room. Mount Union does not provide incoming students with a coaxial cable, so students must bring their own.

Power Strip
Each room in the residence halls provides several receptacles, but we find in many cases this is a worthwhile item to pack. A power strip will provide additional outlets to the student, while in many cases also providing surge protection. 

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