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Major: Political Science
Hometown:Minerva, Ohio

Professors at Mount Union have the ability to express their lived experiences of what they talk about, and that makes the material really come to life

Conference Schedule

Thursday, March 10

8:00-All Day            


Registration (Cope Lobby, Giese Center)



Coffee & Pastries Reception (Cope Lobby, Giese Center)









The Presidency In The Political System (Presser Recital Hall, Giese Center)

Moderator: Jack DeSario (University of Mount Union)

Eric Matthews (Notre Dame College)

Living In The Shadows Of Bush And Cheney: The Legacy Of President Obama

Brian J. Gerber (Arizona State University) And Terry Sullivan (University of Akron)

Bureaucratic Policymaking In The Obama Administration: Initiative And Consolidation In Emergency And Disaster Management

Samuel Lucas McMillan (Lander University) And Chad Kinsella (Lander University)

Barack Obama, Intergovernmental Relations, And Economic Policy

Christopher Banks (Kent State University)

Of White Whales, Obamacare, And The Roberts Court: The Republican Attempts To Harpoon The Affordable Care Act And Diminish Obama’s Presidential Legacy




Global Relations (Presser Recital Hall, Giese Center)

Moderator: Francis Schortgen (University of Mount Union)

Vivek Mishra (Columbia University)

Us-India Defense Relations: Assessing Obama Administration’s Gains

Osaore Aideyan (Illinois State University)

Security And Economic Priorities: African Foreign Policy Of The Barack Obama Administration

Wesley B. Renfro (St. John Fisher College ) And Marc O’Reilly (Heidelburg University)

Power, Influence, And Suboptimal Choices: Obama’s Middle East Legacy

Shivaji Kumar (Ohio State University)

Convergence Of National Interests Or Compulsions Of Domestic Politics: Obama Legacy And The Us-India Relations

Chris Dolan (Lebanon Valley College)

Obama’s Retrenchment-Protraction Doctrine: The Decline Of The Middle East And Rise Of Asia And The Pacific In The Obama Foreign Policy Jiu-Jitsu



Lunch With Guest Speaker Former Congressman Zack Space (Gallaher Theater—Black Box, Giese Center)




Obama’s America (Presser Recital Hall, Giese Center)

Moderator: Lori Kumler (University of Mount Union)

Gwen Gray Schwartz (University of Mount Union)     

Coming Of Age With President Obama

Mary Myers (University of Akron) 

The Effects Of President Obama’s Accusations Of Racial Bias Upon Law Enforcement Agencies And Officers

Jeff Bloodworth (Gannon University)

Obama: Urban Liberalism’s Ascent

JS Plume (Augustana University)    

Great Promise Or "Blowing Smoke?": Alternations To Medical Marijuana Policies During The Obama Presidency



Book Signing with Chuck Todd and Reception  (Gallaher Theater—Black Box, Giese Center)



Schooler Dinner


Schooler Lecture With Chuck Todd



Friday, March 11



Coffee & Pastries Reception (Newbold Room, Hoover-Price Campus Center)










Homeland  And National Security (Newbold Room, Hoover-Price Campus Center)

Moderator: Chris Dolan (Lebanon Valley Colege)

Adam McMahon (City University of New York)

Barack Obama And The Unbuilding Of The American National Security State

Samuel Hoff (Delaware State University)

Gitmo’s Folly II: Torture, Trials, And Tribulations Of U.S. Detention Policy In The Wake Of 9/11

Len Cutler (Sienna College)

President Barack Obama’s Counterterrorism Strategy And Legacy: The Case Of Afghanistan

Scott Waalkes (Malone University)

The Perils Of Caution In A Global Age: Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy Of Realism And Retrenchment

Ashlie Perry (Endicott College)

National Security And Defense: Border Control And “Indefinite” Detention Under The Obama Presidency









Communication (Newbold Room, Hoover-Price Campus Center)

Moderator: Jenna Brayton (White House)

Kristen Traynor (Kent State University)

Beyond The Bars: An Analysis Of The Framing Of Prisoner Treatment During The 2013 Hunger Strike At Guantánamo Bay

James M Holland (University of Akron)

The Obama Narrative

James McQuiston (University of Akron-Wayne)

Barack Obama, The Media And The Message: The Content Of Presidential Speeches And Tweets

Bill Lyons (University of Akron) And Lance Svehla (University of Akron)

A Lighthouse And A Crossroads: The Rhetorical Strategies Of President Barack Obama


Lunch with Jenna Brayton (Solarium, Hoover-Price Campus Center)




Roundtable: Policy & Politics in the Obama Years (Newbold Room, Hoover-Price Campus Center)

With Jenna Brayton, Obama White House; Don Gonyea, NPR News; Rep. Tim Ryan, D-OH; 
Amb. (ret.) David Swartz; with Moderator Ron Ponder, WHBC Radio

2:20: -3:50               








Domestic Politics And Policy  (Newbold Room, Hoover-Price Campus Center)

Moderator: Eric Matthews (Notre Dame College)

Mandy Capel (University of Mount Union) And Pete Schneller (University of Mount Union)

Obama's Education Policy: Moral Thicket Or Ticket?

Richard Conley (University of Florida)

The Politics Of The New American Welfare State And The Obama Legacy

Theresa Davis (University of Mount Union)

Obama And Women- A Look At The Impact That The Obama Presidency Has Had On Women

Steve A. Stuglin (Georgia Highland College)

Consequences Of Success: Institutional Rhetoric And The Rescues Of The Domestic Auto Industry




Presidential Power And Leadership (Newbold Room, Hoover-Price Campus Center)

Moderator: David Cohen (University of Akron)

Victoria A. Farrar-Myers (Southern Methodist University)

The Recalibration Of Presidential Power And Authority During The Obama Presidency

Ryan J. Barilleaux (Miami University of Ohio) And Jewerl Maxwell (Gorgon College)

Barack Obama And The Unitary Executive

Douglas Mock (Pensacola State University)

Executive Power, Prosecutorial Discretion And Locke’s Prerogative

Robert Anthony Waters, Jr.  (Ohio Northern University)

Barack Obama: A Whiggish Perspective


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The Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, The University of Akron 

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