The Robert Herman Carr Historical Room

The purpose of the Robert Herman Carr Historical Room is to centrally house, preserve, and provide access to the history of the college since its founding in 1846. This facility is located on the third floor of the older wing of the University of Mount Union Library.

The historical collection was established by Robert Herman Carr (’02), the first business manager of the college, who collected and preserved those original materials that would become the nucleus of the collection.  The special efforts of N. Yost Osborne (’36), head librarian and college historian from 1955-1985, helped to further accumulate, compile, and organize this collection.

The room was renovated in 1990 with the generous gift donations of the Robert S. Kunkel family and David (’44) and Mary Beth Carr McFarland (’44).  Numerous improvements included upgrading the lighting, heating, and humidity control.


  • A Collection of almost 7000 acid-free envelopes containing  the  correspondence, newspaper clippings, programs, and photos pertaining to the campus, buildings, societies, academics, athletics, and  administration and faculty
  • Scrapbooks from the Athletic Department and the College Choir
  • Mount Union College and University of Mount Union Catalogs, Bulletins, Dynamos, Unonians, Calliopes, faculty and trustee minutes and reports
  • The Hymnal Collection of approximately 200 editions
  • The Alumni Collection of books and articles written by early alumni of the college
  • The Ohio Collection of selective volumes pertaining to the early  history of northeast Ohio
  • The  I.T. Headland Collection  of books written about early Chinese life and culture
  • The Dr. Lester D. Crow and Dr. Alice von Bauer Crow collection of educational books
  • The Kunkel Family collection
  • The Commemorative Mount Union College plate collection


The University of Mount Union Library collects, stores, and preserves materials and artifacts related to the history of the university.  As the Historical room has a finite amount of space, new materials obtained through donations or other sources are evaluated on a number of factors to determine if they belong in the collection.  These factors include the uniqueness of the item, its rarity, and its relevancy within the scope of the collection.

The Robert Herman Carr Historical Room is a closed research area. All historical requests should be directed to Alan Zahorsky at 330-823-3879 or

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