Carrie Coon '03

Major: English and Spanish
Job Title: Actress

I actually went to graduate school the very next year, after Dr. Hendel in the Department of Theatre introduced me to and helped me prepare for the University/Resident Theatre Auditions in Chicago.


Majoring in theatre is so much more than simply performing on stage. A solid knowledge of theory, history, literature and criticism is critical to the craft, and the various aspects involved in a singular production are numerous.

Our theatre degree program will expose you to all the necessary components of the field and offer you ample opportunities to “practice” what you learn.  From acting, lighting, sound and properties to stage and box office management, you will experience a variety offered from the field of theatre and will be prepared for career success.

Active participation in our theatrical productions supplements your classroom study, providing hands-on experience.

Graphic Enterprise
Hip to Hip Theatre Company
Madison Repertory Theatre
The Goodman Theatre
Walt Disney Corporation
Texas A&M University
Hamilton College
Buffalo State College
Actor's Summit Theatre

Indiana University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Arkansas
Michigan State University
Florida State University
Kent State University
Case Western Reserve University

Acting and directing
Costume design
Theatre management
Scenic design

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