Deborah Lotsof

Deborah Lotsof

Teaching Area(s): Theatre

It is great to help someone come to an idea or thought that they hadn’t thought of before or experience something they hadn’t before. It’s all about learning new things! 

Theatre Learning Objectives

Theatre students will benefit from a foundation in all aspects of theatre and will have opportunities to participate actively in campus theatre productions. A major in theatre will help you gain knowledge in theory, history, literature and criticism.
The department of theatre productions will supplement classroom study, providing hands-on experience. Exposure to acting, lighting, sound, properties and stage and box office management will prepare you for career success.

On-campus opportunities include independent research, workshops and guest lectures.

Theatre Learning Objectives:
Students will:

  • effectively apply analytical and critical skills in understanding and evaluating play scripts, theatrical performances, and theatre criticism
  • demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental skills important to each area of theatrical production: acting, directing, design, technical production
  • develop at least foundational proficiency in the practice of one of the above areas of theatrical production
  • recognize and solve problems inherent in ethical theatrical production
  • demonstrate an understanding of the history of theatre, with particular attention to the evolution of stylistic and aesthetic trends
  • communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing
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