Tino Vargas '15

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Painesville, Ohio

Minor: Coaching

Minority Student Success Mentor and All-American pole vaulter for Mount Union's National Champion Track and Field team

Future Marketing Salesman


The Perfect Fit
A friend of mine in high school told me he was attending Mount Union and said I should at least make a visit. After visiting the website, talking with my guidance counselor and track coach, I finally applied. When I came on my visit, I instantly fell in love with the size and beauty of the campus. After visiting some Division I schools in the state, I immediately decided I didn’t want to take a bus to class every morning and knew right then that a smaller school environment was what I needed. The financial aid package I received from Mount Union was not only competitive, but hands down the best package I had received. I also really wanted to continue running track in college and Mount definitely has one of the best all-around athletic programs in the nation.

Making Your Own Path
I love how willing every faculty member on campus is to help ensure your success. I’ve never heard of another college where the professors will give you their cell phone numbers and encourage you to use them! I’ve never had another experience in my life where I could honestly choose my own destiny. If you want to start your own student organization, you can do that here. If you want to continue your athletic career into college and become a national champion, you can do that here! I just love how many resources and opportunities Mount Union has for their students to succeed not only in college, but in life as well.

An Athletic Community
My favorite places on campus are hands down the indoor and outdoor track and field facilities. When I’m there nothing matters more than getting better and growing stronger with my team. The workouts we’ve done on those tracks have not only helped build my character as a student and as an athlete but also allowed me to surround myself with men and women who have the same dreams and goals as I have. It has formed some of the greatest friendships that I know will still be going strong 50 years from now.

The Liberal Arts and Me
Mount Union is a liberal arts university. I think this has prepared me better than other colleges would have because I can bring so many more aspects to the table in regard to my major and career path. As a marketing major, the majority of my classes are in the marketing field, but I have also had a wide range of classes varying from environmental science to classical music to business management and everything in between.

Real Life Skills Preparation
Mount Union prides itself on the success of its students. The Center for Student Success has an amazing faculty that will help you perfect your resume, set up mock interviews so you are well prepared while going through the interview process and even help you network with professionals in your desired career field! Mount Union also has countless Graduate School Fairs and Job and Internship Fairs year round!

Marketing for Student Success
I chose the marketing major for the sales aspect. I love meeting new people and telling people about products or services I am passionate about! Right now I am working with the Center for Student Success to create a comprehensive video that shows all of the resources Mount offers to ensure students’ success, and addresses any concerns or questions incoming freshmen may have. I am the project manager in charge of the marketing, budgeting, deadlines and all other aspects of the video. It also allows me to reach out to various faculty members on campus, pitch the idea of the video and set up appointments and meetings with both faculty and students. This is an awesome experience because I am able to use all of the concepts I’ve learned in my marketing, personal selling and management classes to real world use, and I haven’t even graduated yet!

Targeting My Achievements
After attending the Job and Internship Fair Mount Union offered, I was offered a 10 week-long internship with Target! This was an amazing experience in management that allowed me to leave my comfort zone and really watch myself grow as a leader. In a nutshell, I learned what it takes to manage a $40 million store. This experience taught me how to manage a team of more than 100 employees, how to communicate effectively, and even revealed some strengths and opportunities I never knew I had! I received the job offer with Target at the end of the internship and I am very happy to say I have accepted the offer! My ultimate career goal is to one day be in a position where I can mentor young men and women to be the best they can be.

The Helping Hand of Faculty
My favorite class has been personal selling with Mark McConnell. This class definitely had my undivided attention because of how interesting sales is to me. Both Dr. Michael Kachilla and McConnell have been a tremendous influence on my college career. Not only have they given me advice that has helped drive me to succeed, but they have both been there for any questions or concerns that I may have. Also, both of them have a teaching style that is so upbeat and energetic; they definitely know how to make a class fun and enjoyable.

I’ve never heard of another college where the professors will give you their cell phone numbers and encourage you to use them!

To The Top!