Brett Fortune ‘17

Brett Fortune ‘17

Major: Nursing
Hometown:Wooster, Ohio

I chose to major in nursing because it is a hands-on major that requires lifelong learning. Plus, the opportunity to make a huge impact in someone's life is exciting and meaningful.

Trademarks and Licensing

Mount Union currently has several logos that are registered trademarks. Any vendor wanting to utilize the logos for public distribution needs to be a licensed vendor and work with LRG (Licensing Resource Group), a trademark and licensing management company, to go through the approval process. Once the process is complete, the Office of Marketing will review submissions of artwork that will be used in the promotion of the Mount Union name and trademarks.

The first step in becoming a licensed vendor is the submission of an application. LRG's application packet provides a comprehensive overview of the licensing process and the application itself as well as a list of all of the accounts the company manages. You can receive the application and additional information at

You may also contact the company directly:
442 Century Ln., Suite 100
Holland, MI 49423
Telephone: (616) 395-0676
Facsimile: (616) 395-2517

For more information on trademarking and licensing please review the Mount Union Identity Program.

Use of Logos
The Office of Marketing requires that an approved logo be used on all print, video and electronic materials representing the University. The name or logo should also appear on promotional materials for events and efforts sponsored by the University. This will ensure that the image of Mount Union remains consistent and cohesive throughout various messaging efforts viewed by a potential stakeholder.

Logo Guidelines:
When using the logo, please follow these basic rules:

  • Do not stretch, distort or rotate the logo.
  • Do not obscure or crop the logo in any way.
  • Do no remove any component of the logo. 
  • Do not surround the logo with another shape such as a box or oval.
  • Logos must be reproduced from approved files obtained from the Office of Marketing.
  • Do not attempt to recreate the logo.
  • Do not create your own custom logo.
  • Do not create a pattern with a logo.

For more information on logo usage and other graphic image guidelines, please see the Mount Union Identity Program.

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