Mikayla Kovacik ‘17

Major: Religious Studies and Music
Hometown:Jewett, OH

A liberal arts education is preparing me to be well rounded, and I believe that will be a great attribute when looking for a job.

Transferring Schools within the U.S.

Transfer Students in F-1 Status Attending Mount Union
Students coming directly to the University of Mount Union from another United States educational institution (without traveling outside the United States prior to attending Mount Union) must inform the Office of International Recruitment and Admission at their prior institution about their intent to transfer. Foreign transfer students must obtain a letter from the DSO (signatory of the student's original I-20) of the prior institution confirming continuous legal immigration status and the understanding of the student's intent to transfer immigration status to Mount Union. After arrival on campus, the student must then obtain a letter from the Mount Union registrar certifying full-time student status and expected termination date. Transfer students must present this documentation, along with a valid passport, a current statement of financial support, and any previous U.S.C.I.S. documents (Form I-20) within 15 days after enrollment. Only after all documentation has been received and reviewed for accuracy by the Office of International Recruitment and Admission can Mount Union proceed with the transfer notification process with the U.S.C.I.S. by endorsing a transfer notation on the new I-20.

Transfer Students in J-1 Status Attending Mount Union
In general, an exchange visitor may transfer from one program sponsor to Mount Union sponsorship if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the objective for which the J-1 student was admitted into the United States. The original sponsor must be in agreement with the transfer.

Transfer from Mount Union to Another School
Students deciding to change schools for any reason need to complete a necessary legal process involving the completion and exchange of forms among three offices:

  • Office of International Recruitment and Admission at the University of Mount Union
  • Immigration Office at the transfer institution
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Any student failing to complete this process will be in violation of his/her immigration status and will be required to exit the country and reapply for entry to attend the transfer institution.

Transfer students must complete and submit the following forms in order to be considered for acceptance at the University of Mount Union.

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