Abby Packard Middle Childhood Education Major

Abby Packard '18

Major: Middle Childhood Education
Hometown:North Royalton, Ohio

I feel that I gain a more personal relationship with my professors at Mount Union. They are approachable and willing to help.

UMU Athletes Abroad

Ashley SamsAshley Sams
UMU Sport:
Women's soccer
Study Abroad Program:
USAC - San Sebastian, Spain in Spring 2014

"What I loved most about my study abroad experience was the location. My city was absolutely breathtaking and different than any place I had ever been, pushing me out of my comfort zone with beaches and pastries. Also, my coach was extremely helpful in making my dream to study abroad come true! If you put in a little extra effort to plan out your semesters - it is a definite possibility to be a college athlete and experience life in another country."

Chad Bosel
UMU Sport: Cross Country, Track & Field
Study Abroad Program:
USAC – Chiang Mai, Thailand in Summer 2014

Chad Bosel"My favorite thing about studying abroad has to be how it has changed my perspective of the world and of traveling. I have learned so much about traveling on a college budget and different programs and opportunities that fellow students have done. I now know that I can see a lot more places pretty affordably.

My advice to other athletes is to commit to studying abroad and just do it. There's always an excuse, but summer sessions are great for athletes and there are gyms in every country. Plus, the roads are always open for a run! Other than the obvious life and perspective-changing things you would experience that any study abroad alumni would tell you, not a lot of athletes study abroad, so that would drastically help set you apart in a school that is overflowing with athletes."

Gabrielle LessakGabrielle Lessak
UMU Sport:
Study Abroad Program/Term:
USAC – Chiang Mai, Thailand in Summer 2014

"Study abroad was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I had amazing experiences and met amazing people that I know I will stay in contact with. I also know now how much I want to continue to travel in my lifetime and summer is a great time to do it for athletes because that is often your off-season."


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