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Department of Biology

Dr. Michael Gresock

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Robert Woodward

Department of Communication

Dr. Jamie Capuzza

  • Transgender Communication Studies: Histories, Trends and Trajectories
    *Top Edited Book award-winner by the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender
  • Transgender Workplace Rights
  • What's in a Name? Transgender Identity, Metareporting and Misgendering of Chelsea Manning
  • Who Defines Gender Diversity? Sourcing Routines and Representation in Mainstream U.S. News Stories About Transgenderism
  • Capuzza, J. C. (2016). Improvements still needed for transgender coverage. Newspaper Research Journal37(1), 82-94. doi:10.1177/0739532916634642 -- This article examines contemporary newspaper coverage of transgender citizens. Findings indicate journalistic practices accommodate transgender identity and expression, but efforts to provide more multi-dimensional representations of this marginalized community are still needed.
  • Spencer, L. G., & Capuzza, J. C. (2016). Centering Gender Identity and Transgender Lives in Instructional Communication Research. Communication Education65(1), 113-117. doi:10.1080/03634523.2015.1096949 -- The article offers ideas on centering transgender identities in instructional communication research in the U.S. Topics covered include the definition of gender identity, the importance of considering gender identity on its own terms, and instructional communication research that examines gender identity.
  • Capuzza, J.C. and Spencer, L.G. "Regressing, progressing, or transgressing on the small screen? Transgender characters on U.S. scripted television series"
    *OSCLG Outstanding Conference Paper Award


Department of Education

Dr. Jennifer Martin


Department of Engineering

Chad Korach


Department of Foreign Language and Cultures

Dr. Gregg Courtad

Dr. Bertrand Landry


Department of History

Dr. Santosh Saha

  • Tolerant Values and Practices in India: Amartya Sen’s Positional Observation and Parameterization of Ethical Rules

Dr. Bertrand Landry


Department of Human Performance and Sports Business

Dr. Lonnie Lowery

Dr. Ron Mendel

Kelsey Scanlon


Department of Mathematics

 Michael Zwilling


Department of Nursing

Andrea Corbisello


Department of Physics

Dr. Robert Ekey


Department of Political Science and International Studies

Dr. Lori Kumler

Dr. Francis Schortgen

Dr. Michael Grossman


Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

Dr. Michael Knepp

Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice  

Dr. Andy Bain 

  • Calling the Police: The use of non-emergency 101 in England and Wales
  • Education and Policing: An expectation of professionalism 
  • Perceptions of Policing: Improving Communication in Local Communities 
  • Soft Skills: Offenders Barriers to Employment 

Dr. Paul Muller 

  • The Effects of Adversity on Depression among University Students
  • Witnessing Violence Versus Experiencing Violence: Effects on Psychological Stress 
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